Got A New Home? Get Your House Rekeyed

If you just bought your new house, congratulations! Buying your first home or moving to a bigger house is one the great financial achievements of a person's life. Most of us buy just one home during our entire lifespan. You have a better home for your family to enjoy the fruits of life. Have you make it safe and secure enough for your family?

Getting your house rekeyed when moving into a new place is very important for the safety and security of the new residents of the house. You will never know if the existing locks are safe enough for your property and family's safety.

Why You Need to Get Your New Home Rekeyed?

1. Duplicate Keys in Possession With Previous Owners
The previous occupants of the house might still be in possession of duplicate keys to your house. The keys to the house might have been (accidentally or knowingly) left unclaimed with someone trusted by the previous occupant family.

2. Locks Might Not be Properly Functional
If you bough an old house, the locks might have been worn out over the years of use. They might also be faily obsolete and easy to break or bump. By getting new locks for your house, you are making an improvement that will improve the safety of your belongings and property. You will also eliminate the chance of having yourself locked out because of a broken key or a non-functional or jammed door lock.

3. Compromised Locks The safety of your new home might have been compromised at some point of time with/without the knowledge of the previous owners. Do not take any risk and invest some money to equip your house with new locks.

It is fairly easy to get your house rekeyed. With some extra money, you will add to the value of your new house. Of course, the peace of mind that follows is priceless. 

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Find a Reliable & Honest Locksmith

Look for a reliable and trustworthy locksmith shop in the neighbourhood. Ask the real estate agent who helped you with the property purchase. Real estate brokers often work with locksmiths and they should be able to refer you to someone with good experience.
Stop thinking of cutting cost here. Hire only the best professional for rekeying your home. If there is a government license with the locksmith (in some places it is mandatory), the trust factor goes up.

Get the Best Locks Yourself

Do not go for cheap locks available in the stores. Ask your locksmith to suggest the best locks for homes. Get the house surveyed so that the locksmith could provide you inputs and suggestions about any additional locks that might be required for saffety of your house.

Instead of relying on the locksmith to provide you the locks, go to the local hardware store and buy the locks suggested by the locksmith. Buying your own lock provides additional peace to a cynical person like me. I know the lock keys haven't been duplicated yet.

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